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The aging Patriarch of your family has uncharacteristically invited everyone to dinner.

He says he's made changes to his will that affect you, and he will read it after dinner.

Inspired by the films Clue and Knives Out, you'll tell a story about the death of a grandfather and the familial drama that caused it.

Deck Building

As a Descended from the Queen game, you'll read some instruction cards first, and play consists of drawing and responding to prompt cards.

Unlike For the Queen, you'll  build your deck with cards for each of the 8 phases- some decks have 1 card like Dessert, Murder?!?, Detective and Questioning, and some decks have 1 or 2 cards per player.


Every character has Resentment- a stat that represents your feelings toward the Patriarch and the family. Cards will instruct you to modify yours, or ask others to do so.

If your Resentment is 0 or below, you are automatically innocent when the last card is drawn, and being a murder is always opt-in.


0.  Instructions (11 cards)- Learn the game and set up your deck
1.  Characters (8)- Define your relationship to the Patriarch and each other
2.  Dinner (15)- Set up your sordid family history
3.  Dessert (1)- Transition between Dinner and The Will
4.  The Will (6)- Read the updated document
5.  Murder?!? (5)- 5 different ways for the Patriarch to die
6.  Detective (1)- Transition between Murder?!? and Questioning
7.  Questioning (18)- Inconvenient and unavoidable
8.  Whodunnit (1)- Unveil the murderer(s)

What You'll Get

  • 34 page color PDF with 4 tarot-sized cards per page (68 cards total), laid out to print double sided on cardstock

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Randy Lubin, Story SynthGrant for the WebBig Bad Con & Ash Cheshire

Special thanks to: Andy Hague, Sidney Icarus, Javier Beltrán & Adam Robichaud

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How many can play?

3-5 is what it was designed for. You can have 2 players each control 2 characters, but 3 players is better.

Thanks! I just finished facilitating it for the Goblin Market's inaugural GoD. I was Margot, forgotten middle child and murderer.

Amazing, who could have predicted the middle child would be the murderer?!? 

I wrote (in french) a short review of the game after reading it. Might be playing it soon.

Thank you for writing about it! I'd love to hear about it if you play!